This is here for you when it’s hard to find your smile. You deserve it.
When your friends start mentioning stupid shit you did infront of your parents


And you’re like:

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“I wanna be sedated” always reminds me of Spike. btw hi. i’m so unbelievably bored i don’t know what to do, I re-watched season 3 of Gilmore Girls in one day, I seriously feel sick need to get out of my room for a while and then probably watch a few episodes of Supernatural. i hate summer

Story. Of. My. Fucking. Life.

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i will be extremely mad...


i will be extremely mad if the aliens don’t look like mark chang from ugopotamia

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I like boys with messy hair. This is me and my hypothetical boyfriend if you didn’t get that. Okay.
A L B: Cover and solicit for Catwoman #0


Oh look it’s the origin of Catwoman’s ass and how it got so round and prominent and why her right buttock is so much bigger!

Nope, just another character origin story.

At least March is drawing the interiors. Perhaps he is indeed off the book.


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i am a strong independent black ostrich who dont need no man